Discover a new way of communication and leadership with online videos

These articles showcase the variety of ways online videos can be used as a communication and leadership tool in organisations.

Video communication is on the rise


If you were asked today, "when was the last time you watched an online video", the answer would be very different to an answer you would have given five years ago. Today, almost all social media services, news pages and websites provide a growing part of their content as videos. Read more

to engage


If used right, video can be an extremely powerful communication tool in organisations. Like with any communication, there has to be a plan – the medium in itself is not enough. Video communication that is engaging has a clear goal, a target audience, a coherent message and a strategy for distribution. Read more

with an impact


Communication plays a key role in any successful organisation. In order for an organisation to navigate towards the same common goal, there needs to be a shared understanding of this goal. The better the understanding, the better targeted the organisational efforts are. Read more