Trust Drives All Business

Where and when

Copenhagen 27.3.
Berlin 4.4.
Helsinki 9.4.

Stockholm 9.5.
Amsterdam 16.5.
Oslo 22.5.

Every Dream Broker PLAY event is an exclusive invitation-only gathering for decision makers from all industries and functions. The interactive programme provides the participants with valuable networking opportunities and broad insight to the event theme from multiple perspectives. The tour attracts over 600 business professionals who share their vision, experiences and ideas on how to revolutionise communication. The PLAY events are held centrally in all the capital cities.

Meet Some of our Speakers

Rudersdal Kommune

Jens Gregersen, kommunikationschef
Simone Gullberg


Niels H. Rasmussen
Global Digital Learning Manager

UPM-Kymmene Oyj

Mikko Viitasaari
Security Director

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Marja Tuomainen
Director, Training and Communications

Stadt und Land

Dr. Jens Prinzhorn

Viessmann Kühlsysteme GmbH

Marketing Abteilung

Ragn-Sells AS

Anders Ellefsen
Marketing Manager / Markedansvarlig

4Service AS

Kjell Petter Eidsvik
HR and Communication Director

Dream Broker Studio

Trust is built on communication

Being trustworthy is essential for every organization aiming to succeed and grow in any market. It is equally crucial for everyone, from specialist to CEO, to have access to a secure platform that enables an effective way to communicate and build trust.

Communication you can trust

Trust drives all business, which is why Dream Broker’s 800+ customers rely on our software to provide them with the highest level of Cyber Security, Information and Data Security and GDPR+ level compliance.

The solution

Dream Broker Studio is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software for managing the whole life cycle of online videos. Designed for end-to-end workflow, it enables every employee to easily create, edit and share online videos, both on desktop and mobile.